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Handheld Readings Idea

(June 27, 2010)

Great thinkers say that each of us should try to leave a mark on life by setting something up for future generations ... well here's my suggestion ... in every area of the world there are "resting" actors, there are playwrights looking for opportunities and there are audiences who are fed up watching the same old stuff. 

My answer is "ALAMAIN THEATRE," (as in the French "In The Hand").  The concept is that audiences go along to a local school or disused warehouse, etc, and pay a reduced entrance fee, knowing that they are going to see a hand-held, rehearsed reading of a new play.  After the "performance" they can give feedback to both the author and the actors as to the good and bad points that they found, which will then be beneficial to the development of all concerned. 

If you have any comments about this idea then please let me know on the "Contact Us" page and if you can think of any possible venues in the Nottingham UK area with seating and parking facilities. (Tony Breeze)

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