Full Length Dramas

 "Tomcat"  interracial love triangle by Jamie Rhodes, 5f (1W) & 5m (2W)  ISBN: 9781910028391  £7.00 each, Royalties £50 pp
Tomcat is a tale that takes place in 1951 Indianapolis; a time of segregation and separation of the races and of an untimely, interracial, love triangle.  This pre-civil rights story echoes many of the same social ills that plague American society today but is ultimately a story of love between fathers and sons and shows what one will do to save the other.
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"Guns, God & Gomorrah"  inside a U.S. soldiers mind by Joe Krawczyk 2m & 3f ISBN: 9781910028377 £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
After having killed sixteen innocent civilians in Afghanistan, the main character embarks on a surreal journey of self-discovery, redemption and atonement.  He has made this journey many times before, each time getting closer to the heart and the guilt of his crime.

This play is loosely based on Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, who had served several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. A husband and a father, he is currently serving a life sentence without parole.
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 "Being of Sound Mind"  psychological group drama by Konrad Rogowski for 1m & 4F ISBN: 9781910028360 £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
A group of friends have been called to a remote holday cabin owned by a female writer they know called "Lizzy".  At first they cant find her, then when she appears there is something strange about her demeanour and they wonder whats wrong.  In the second act she tells them some news that shocks them all and at the end of the play she has a huge decisision to make.
Produced  by  The Suffield Players in Connecticut and Massachusetts, USA, and awarded the First Place/Best Production at an ACT/CONN Festival.
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"The Lady in Waiting" a historical drama by Karina Young for 8f & 8m ISBN: 9781910028353 £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
The Lady in Waiting is a two-act play based on the life of Lady Katherine Gordon, a Scottish noblewoman in the 15th century. Known only as the wife of Perkin Warbeck, pretender to the English throne during the reign of King Henry the 7th, this play imagines the story of Katherine Gordon. Much in the way of Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth, the Katherine of this story is the orchestrator of her husband’s downfall and the manipulator of events that unsteady the thrones of both Scotland and England.
It was first performed from the 19th-28th of May, 2022 by Macquarie University Drama Society (DRAMAC), in Sydney, Australia.
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"Words" drama for 2m & 1f by Tony Muscio  ISBN: 9781910028315  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
Donald is an embittered U.S. playwright in his final days who is trying his damndest to finish a play about Rockefeller.  Much to Donald's anger, his daughter, Shayna, a script executive, without asking him, engages a young assistant writer, Tom, to help.  The relationship between them sparks in all directions like a firework going off until Donald eventually gets the news that his cancer is terminal ... will he be able to finish Rockefeller?
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"Haydon's Point"  a ghost play for 7f & 3m by Peter Bridge  ISBN: 978-1-873130-85-8  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
The plot centres around the horrific death of Bella and Cynthia at the old manor… and thereafter spirits from the past, in human form, appear to materialise from time to time within this location.  The firm of solicitors have decided to act upon an old will lodged in their vaults that contained a ‘not to be opened until October fourteenth' (exactly seventy years after Bella’s death) note of instruction. They managed to contact the still-living next of kin (the sisters)…and arranged to meet them for a reading of the will at the old manor location in the evening hours. The sisters provide details of the journey based on their previous knowledge of the area…without realising that the road now disappears at some point along this difficult track.
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"Teddy Bear's Picnic" revealing suitcase mixup drama for 3f & 3m by Jane Lockyer Willis  ISBN: 978-1-910028-15-5  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
Jim and Rowena embark on a weekend break with friends, Patrick and Betty.  Tensions arise when Rowena discovers that she has picked up Betty’s suitcase by mistake.  What does she find there?  And what does Jim discover when rummaging through his wife’s case?  The drink flows and the confessions begin.  As things go from bad to worse - enter Bruce, the local eccentric, who at night has a tendency to frequent the hotel corridors.  Through their mutual love of churches, Jim finds in Bruce a friend and ally. TEDDY BEAR’S PICNIC touches on deceit, adultery, love, loss, impotence and rage.  Fast moving, funny and sad.
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"The Reluctant Émigré  Historical drama for 10f & 2 fjuvs by Tony Breeze  ISBN:  978-1-872758-27-5  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per peformance.
Have you ever been wrongly accused ? The year is 1789.  After the First Fleet of male prisoners had been sent from England to the new colony in Australia it became obvious to the authorities that women were needed "to prevent gross irregularities."  Sarah Whitlam is a naive young country-woman who fell in love with a soldier and ran away with him. When he was posted abroad she struggled to pay the rent and was accused by her landlady of stealing and pawning some metal fire cheeks.  She was innocent of the crime but after a miscarriage of justice was found guilty and now finds herself fastened in chains, being taken on board a merchant ship about to leave her native land, sentenced to seven years beyond the seas. She must decide whether to accept her fate or struggle to try, against all the odds, to prove her innocence.
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"The Firing Squad" Murder mystery by Peter Bridge 6f & 3m ISBN: 978-1-873130-98-8  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
A man is found dead in his home. He has been shot twice, but four bullets have missed their target. There are a number of potential suspects, each holding a concealed motive for carrying out such an act of execution; and all of them being quite prepared to resort to this deadly assignment, if provoked.
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 "Persuasion"  Jane Austen's novel adapted by Wendy Reynolds  7f & 4m ISBN:  978-1-873130-96-4  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
A story of love lost and found. Ann Elliot, daughter of Sir Walter Elliot, at the age of nineteen is persuaded to break her engagement to a handsome young seaman with no prospects. It is felt that he was no match for a Baronet’s family. With Ann’s mother having passed away, her friend and mentor, Lady Russell, had quite a part to play in the break up, for which she is never really forgiven.  Now at twenty-seven and still unmarried, Ann re encounters her former love who is now a wealthy Captain made rich from the Napoleonic wars, who is also ready to marry any suitable young woman.
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My Father’s House”   1929 US Farming Family Drama by Tony Breeze   3f + 3m + 2 juveniles  ISBN 978-1-872758-23-7 £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance  
Set in the American Dust-bowl in 1929, we see one family’s heartwarming story, trying to cope with grinding poverty as fate throws everything at them.  The Macdonald’s landlord is chasing them for the rent and his spoilt son plays with their two boys.  They find a black hobo hiding in the woodshed who is unable to speak and take him in.  The racist landlord doesn’t like this and while the latter can pay for his son to have a minor operation, the same can’t be said for the Macdonalds, whose youngest son is soon seriously injured in a fall from a nearby tree whilst looking for the promised land of California.  Joe Macdonald is told that to encourage his son to get better he needs to think of something for him to aim for, so, risking the wrath of his landlord, he decides to build a tree house.  This doesn’t seem to work until the black hobo points out a phrase from the Bible … "My Father’s house has many rooms" and Joe begins extending the tree house until people start coming from far and wide to see it.  This prompts the landlord to want to use it as a moneymaking venture and he asks Joe to help him with promises of becoming a member of a secret organization that he’s in (the KKK).  Joe isn’t sure what to do and then the hobo is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.  The family goes to a Speaking Competition and while there, Joe learns that the hobo is being taken from his cell to be lynched and he has to decide whether to hide his feelings or to speak out to the assembled audience.(Script chosen by LAMDA for inclusion in Volume 4 Acting Anthology)
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"Pride and Prejudice"  Jane Austen's novel adapted by Wendy Reynolds 7f & 5m ISBN: 978-1-873130-97-1  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
The story centres around Elizabeth Bennet, the second of five daughters. Netherfied Park has been let to Mr Bingley, a very wealthy man and with him is his friend, an even more wealthy man, Mr Darcy. Mrs Bennet is determined that her girls should marry well and why not Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy? Later in the plot Bingley is well received while Mr Darcy is looked upon less favourably and is seen to be proud and disagreeable. It is important that the girls should marry well as their own home ‘Longbourne’ is entailed to the pompous and self important Mr Collins, a clergyman and estranged cousin with a very snobbish patroness the Lady Catherine de Bourgh, aunt to Mr Darcy.
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"Switchback"   Theft at work intrigue by Peter Bridge  8f & 4m  ISBN 978-1-873130-99-5  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
Andy Barlow is an ageing, part-time worker who has little drive or ambition. His earlier hopes of acquiring a more prestigious occupation have long been left  behind… as he now sinks slowly into an abyss of betting shops and booze. His long fancied fantasy girl, Emma, approaches him to ask for his assistance in a scheme to extricate her from a tricky situation. Andy reluctantly agrees to help out…but in doing so, puts himself into an even bigger mess.
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"Harry’s Bird"   Hospice/Meaning of Life Drama by Tony Breeze 3f + lm  ISBN 978-1-872758-07-7   £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
Harry Moss is an ex-teacher and failed writer being taken by his wife to a hospice for the terminally ill.  Due to his predicament he is extremely bitter towards her and the staff until his final days are enlivened by the arrival over the wall of a young girl from the probation hostel next door.  He teaches her to read and she, in return, gives him hope in his darkest hour.  She joins the system by getting a job and he encourages her to steal one more car for a final exciting trip out.  (Winner of the Nottingham Playhouse New Writing Competition,  performed at The Edinburgh Fringe and later winner in the Nottinghamshire Play of the Year Competition with Mapperley Mavericks of Nottingham)
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"The Haunting at Warleggan Rectory"  Ghost play for 9f & 4m by Tony Leonard  ISBN: 978-1-873130-91-9  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance 
Warleggan is a real village that is reputed to be the most remote in Cornwall on the edge of Bodmin Moor.  The village church of St Bartholemew has had some strange relationships with its clergy over the years and is famous for its ghost stories.  In the 14th century Ralph Tremur, the son of one of the rectors, was regarded as a heretic and a witch; a past curate of  Luxulyan is said to haunt a nearby road and in 1953 Reverend Frederick Densham was so eccentric that he was boycotted by his parishioners and ended up preaching to cardboard cutouts. This play  has them all in a fascinating ghost story about the conflict between good and evil that will leave you wondering and wishing to visit. 
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 Toshie”   Seafaring Drama with music by Stewart Brown, Mixed Cast,   ISBN 978-1-873130-22-3 £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
Since losing both legs to frostbite in a whaling incident off Greenland, Toshie has kept his own counsel about what happened. Then he is visited at home by Captain Robert Falcon Scott who is seeking survival advice prior to his fateful expedition to Antarctica. “Tell me your story...” To Scott, a simple request. But Toshie, who could never refuse to obey a captain, knows that he will have to relive a journey, not just to the stark frozen wastes of The Arctic, but into the deepest, darkest reaches of his soul.
N.B:  The play, which has toured profesionally in Scotland, is based on an episode in Dundee’s history known as "The Chieftain Disaster" and tells of the remarkable survival of James McIntosh, one of the whalers involved.
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The Power & The Glory"  Village Occupation Drama by Tony Breeze  15f + 15m   ISBN 978-1-872758-10-7 £7.00 each   Royalties £50 per performance   
A small village sleeps in the summer sun at the end of the war, untouched by all that has gone before, when the peace is disturbed by the arrival of a group of soldiers. The group is joined by a young boy soldier who isn't aware of the unit's past history and they are told that they are to lie low for a while and that they mustn't get involved with the villagers.  The boy soldier forgets this advice and soon becomes involved with one of the local girls as he slowly learns more about the past history of his colleagues.  A dance is held by the pompous local mayor to welcome the soldiers and then one of the officers is found dead.  This is the moment the soldiers' friendliness changes to something much darker as the village is surrounded when they try to find the culprit.  In Act Two the priest is tortured to expose what has been said in the confessional but he will not speak; all the food is removed from the village to get at the truth, which results in people starving  and resorting to animal-like fighting for survival as they get hungrier and hungrier.  The final conflict is between the hope of spiritual glory in the form of the communion wafers from the local nuns versus the threat of earthly military power of  the occupying force ...  but which will triumph in the end? 
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  Lorenzo’s Dream”  Lawrenceian Drama By Jeffrey A.Lee  2f & 5m & Dancers  ISBN 978-1-873130-51-3  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
A play in four scenes based on the eighteen months that D.H. Lawrence and Frieda spent in Cornwall during the First World War and set in the living room of Tregerthen Cottage, Zennor.  They are being watched by the bumbling local constabulary who believe that when Frieda dances around the garden in her zest for life, she may actually be signalling to German U-boats.
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" My Brother’s Keeper"  Filial Duty Drama by Tony Breeze  2f + 2m (+2NSP)  ISBN 978-1-872758-09-1  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance 
A middle-aged writer returns home to his brother who is looking after their comatose father.  The writer left home at an early age to find fame and fortune while the other brother, who was equally talented musically, stayed home to look after the ageing parents.  The writer and the brother's wife do not get on and he has thoughtlessly invited his young actress girlfriend to the house.  The stress of looking after the old man builds to a climax at the end of the first act when the stay-at-home brother suggests that the only way out of their predicament is to remove the feeding tube that is keeping their father alive.  While they are arguing about whether to do such a thing, the decision is taken away from them when the old man dies a natural death.  In the second act the writer is made to face up to his own shortcomings as an absent father.   (This play was chosen from 150 scripts to reach the final of the Pittsburgh New Play Festival, first read in public in the UK at the Questors Theatre, Ealing, London  and later published in Holland & Belgium by Peter Vink & Co.)
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Loyalties”  Wartime Drama by Jeffrey A. Lee  2f & 4m  ISBN 978-1-873130-52-0  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
A play in four scenes set on an occupied island between England and France during the time of the Second World War.  The lady who runs the island is told that some German officers are going to be billeted in her house but this could be problematic as there is a Jewish man hiding nearby.
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Wasps"  Traffic Wardens tragi-comedy by Tony Breeze 8 females ISBN 978-1-872758-06-0  £7.00 each   Royalties £50 per performance 
Set in a UK traffic wardens office, the play sees the first day at work for a new girl and explores the interaction between the different characters, one of whom is a shy, introverted, pigeon lover on the edge of a nervous breakdown.  In the second act they are called in to be interviewed for promotion and while they wait they hold an impromptu birthday party for the pigeon lover.  A present is left over at the end which, when given to her, sends her over the edge - but who gave it and why?   (First performed by the Criterion Players, Coventry)
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One Without Shame” Wartime Drama by James Brockbank  4m   ISBN 978-1-873130-46-9 £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance  (Full-Length Version)
A young soldier is told that he has to become a member of a firing squad which will execute a 16yr old for cowardice.  He decides to make a stand against this, even though he knows he may suffer the same fate as his young comrade.
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 " The Witches of Wicken"   1950's Witchcraft Drama by Tony Leonard 3f & 4m & Witches & Dancers  ISBN 978-1-873130-47-6 £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
The play is set in the 1950s in a small English village where, behind the scenes, there is a battle going on between good and evil - secretive black witchcraft competes with  innate goodness of the villagers - but which one will prevail in the end?
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The Woman”  Symbolic Drama by Ray Gregory   10f & 6m   ISBN 978-1-873130-44-5  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
 Two warring tribes live in close proximity and are constantly wary of each other.  One day a mad woman is found wandering who seems to have strange powers, powers that could lead one tribe to victory over the other.  She becomes priceless in the eyes of each tribe and both want to have control over her.
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Robbie" Disability Drama by Julia Richdale-Ellis  5f & 4m   978-1-873130-12-4  £7.00 each  Royalties £50pp
A family gathers together after the death of a husband and wife in a car crash to discuss what can be done with Robbie, the son, now left, who was disabled from birth.  Each of the sisters have their own reasons for not wanting to take on the responsibility and one of them, the youngest, arrives from Australia where she was sent to live with relatives when he was born.  A thought-provoking  play, which makes us all face up to our own attitudes towards disability.
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 "Vilna” Wartime Drama by Jeffrey A Lee 7f & 6m & extras  978-1-873130-13-1 £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
A dramatic and heart-rending story of the attempts of a group of Jews to survive Nazi oppression trapped in the cramped confines of the Vilna ghetto
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The Personal Assistant” Retribution Drama by Tony Breeze  3f & 3m (doubling)  ISBN 978-1-872758-22-0  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
A wheelchair-bound, retired, college principal has advertised for a personal assistant to help him with his care and an applicant arrives who seems to have all the right qualities.  After a brief interview he is taken on but what the old man doesn’t know is that the applicant is actually someone from his past in disguise, someone who has borne him a grudge for many years …
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"Last Night in Denny Abbey"  Historical convent drama by Tony Leonard  5F & 3m  ISBN: 978-1-873130-58-2  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
After his clash with the Pope, King Henry VIII has ordered the closure of all the abbeys and monasteries in England and the seizure of all their goods.  This play sees two of the King's men arriving at Denny Abbey in Cambridgeshire to enforce the King's command. What they don't cater for is that the abbey and its nuns seem to be protected by spirits, ghosts and even the sounds of Roman soldiers marching through the cloisters and one of the enforcers comes to a really nasty end.
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"Promise Not To Tell"  Abandoned husband drama by Peter Bridge  4f & 2m  ISBN: 978-1-873130-83-4  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
Two old (male) friends have arranged to meet up with two old girl school friends that they have not seen (collectively) since their school days, some forty five years previously.   However, the main character, Paul’s best friend, David, is holding a very dark secret from Paul and the other two friends, the girls, are also aware of this concealed  “skeleton in the cupboard”.   The foursome meet in a seaside tea shop and things go well until Paul’s suspicions are aroused… and piece by piece he begins to find flaws in the camouflaged cover story that has been fed to him until finally, he uncovers the hidden bombshell that has been concealed for over twenty years and he confronts each party concerned.
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"The Mystery of Pine Tree Mountain" drama by Charles Stott for 5f & 5m & 1juv  ISBN: 978-1-873130-93-3  £7.00 each 
Royalties £50 per performance
When Tim was a child he went with his grandfather to a forbidden place high on the nearby mountain where there was reputed to be living a dragon-like creature.  He says that together they killed the monster and now, years later, he has to prove his fantastic story is true.
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