Script Shop & Royalties


Buying Scripts & Performance Licences

At the top of this page there are five categories.  Decide from which category you wish to buy. 
To purchase a single script click on the category above e.g. one-act plays or full length plays, etc then another list will appear of all those scripts. 
Find your script in the next list and click on "Add to basket"
A page will appear showing "Your Shopping Basket" then click on "Proceed to Check Out"
At the checkout page there is a square with two choices :  "Paypal & Cards"or "Send payment by post" (the latter is for cheques)
If you choose Paypal & Cards it will take you to the Paypal site where you can either :-
- pay with your credit or debit card
 - if you have your own paypal account you can login to Paypal
After you have paid we will forward the script to you as an email attachment or in the post.
Performance Licences can also be bought from the script shop but we will need to be informed of the proposed dates and venue before we can send you your licence.