Full Length Plays Index

 "D.I.Y."  Comedy about reluctant decorator                      6f & 2m
   "The Reluctant Emigre"  Innocent young female prisoner is sent to Australia in 1789       10f & 2 fjuvs
 "The Eckersley Rising"   Henpecked husband builds rocket 4f 4m & 2juvs
 "My Father's House" Farming family take in black hobo 2f & 3m & 3juvs  
  "Spideriffic" Care Home Comedy                     8f & 3m   "Words"  a scriptwriter struggles with his last work 2m & 1f
 "The Chair"  Choral Society Committee Comedy            4f & 4m
 "My Brother's Keeper"  Filial duty drama    2f & 4m (2 non-sp)
"Summer School" Mature students on OU residential 6f & 3m  "Wasps"  Female Traffic Wardens Tragi/Comedy                   8f
 "The Dating Agency" husband uses another's ID           8f &2m
  "Guns, God & Gomorrah"   inside a soldiers mind            2m & 3f
 "Stage Fright"  Three actors struggle for supremacy     1f & 2m 
  "Teddy Bear's Picnic" wrong suitcase drama        3f & 3m
 "Musical Chairs"  orchestra threatened with closure      8f & 3m
 "Lorenzo's Dream"  D.H.Lawrence Drama    2f & 5m
 "Dress Rehearsal" chaotic group's play about moon travel4f&4m
 "Harry's Bird"  Search for Meaning of Life Drama           3f & 1m
 "Strange Days"  Teenage Identity Crisis Comedy      15f & 18m   "Robbie"  decision re handicapped brother    5f & 4m
 "Here We Go Round the Roundabout" Satnav comedy 4f & 4m  "The Personal Assistant"   Retribution Drama 3f & 3m  
  "Appletastic" family mystery comedy         6f & 3m   "Loyalties"  Channel Island Occupation Drama           2f & 4m 
 "Aunt Agatha's Anniversary" Family Inheritance  4f & 5m  "Last Night in Denny Abbey" Hisorical convent drama 5f & 3m
 "The Time of Your Life" Inheritance due at 71yrs     5f & 5m "Promise Not To Tell"  Abandoned husband drama  4f & 2m
 The Robbie Lee "Story" an office comedy              2f & 2m
 "Toshie"   Seafaring Survival Drama with musicGroup Ensemble
 "The Haunting at Warleggan Rectory"  Ghost play for 9f & 4m
   "The Mystery of Pine Tree Mountain" Monster on mountain 5f & 5m & 1juv
   "The Power & The Glory"   Village Occupation Drama15f & 15m
   "One Without Shame"  Firing Squad Drama (full length)     4m
   "Switchback" Male office cleaner gets into trouble 8f & 4m
   "The Firing Squad" Murder mystery play 6f & 3m
    "The Woman"  Conflict Between Tribes   7f & 6m & extras
  "The Witches of Wicken" Witchcraft Drama 3f & 4m, witches, dancers
   "Haydons Point"  Ghost story                     7f & 3m
   "Pride & Prejudice" famous costume drama   7f & 5m
   "Persusasion" Adaptation of Jane Austin's novel   7f & 4m
   "Being of Sound Mind" psychological drama    1m & 4f
   "The Lady in Waiting" 15C Historic Drama                 8f & 8m

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