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"Tea Girl" & "Heavens Wait" to Espanola, Ontario April 04, 2023
Reading copies of the above two one-act plays have just been dispatched to a gentleman in Espanola, Ontario. The authors wait with baited breath.... [MORE]

"Witches of Wicken" for Illinois ? September 30, 2022
Tony Leonard's play, "The Witches of Wicken" about a battle in a UK village betwen good and evil, is currently being considered by a group in Pekin, I... [MORE]

Denstone Players to perform "Guess Who's Coming to Tea" February 08, 2022
"Guess Who's Coming To Tea" is a one-act comedy by Welsh playwright Lyndon House and has been chosen to be performed for two nights on Friday & ... [MORE]

The Necklace (Comedy) June 28, 2021
Harvey is a conman and Lance is his stupid assistant.  We join them as they're about to try and get an expensive necklace out of an old lady ..... [MORE]

Everybody's At It ! June 25, 2021
Do you ever get the feeling you're the only honest person in the world? Then check out a brand new one-act comedy, "Everybody's At It !" by Richard ... [MORE]

New play by Holywood writer, Tony MUSCIO March 08, 2021
We are pleased to announce that Hollywood actor & writer, Tony MUSCIO, has agreed to publish his latest play "WORDS" (Finishing Rockefeller) on ... [MORE]

"Heavens Wait" read in Florida March 01, 2021
A one-act play titled "Heavens Wait" by Lyndon House has been bought and read by someone in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA ... [MORE]

First reading of "The Accidental Adjudicator" comedy December 22, 2020
The first reading of Tony Breeze's new comedy "The Accidental Adjudicator" was read by Hartley Players in Sevenoaks, Kent and they reported that the... [MORE]

Reading copy to Western Australia November 14, 2020
Lyndon House's play "Guess Who's Coming to Tea" was found and is being read by a group in Ballajura, a province of Perth, Western Australia.  B... [MORE]

The first Covid play November 03, 2020
"Socially Distanced" by Lyndon House is a dark, new, one-act play for two women in which he portrays a woman who has been socially distanced and pic... [MORE]

Moycraig Young Farmers choose "Trifle Dish" February 18, 2020
Colin Barrow's comedy about a farming family's sons and daughters who are left to fend for themselves and end up with one found naked in a cupboard ... [MORE]

What's your inner journey? February 01, 2020
The main character in a play has to go on an inner journey so that she/he changes their beliefs and goals with the events they face.  They come... [MORE]

"Heaven's Wait" by Lyndon House performed in Cwmbran October 08, 2019
"Heaven's Wait" an intriguing new one-act play by Lyndon House about three people meeting after their deaths had its premiere in the Congress Theatr... [MORE]

Inner & outer journey of central character September 04, 2019
Both readers of scripts and writers should be aware of the work of US script guru, Michael Hauge, who advises that in any good play we should see th... [MORE]

"Home Win" play very successful May 31, 2019
Peter Bridge, the author of "Home Win" comedy tells us that he received great praise from Springthorpe Drama Society in Lincs saying it had been the... [MORE]

"Home Win" Comedy for Springthorpe ADS in Lincolnshire March 22, 2019
Peter Bridge's comedy about an irascible older man being persuaded to go into a Care Home by his family and finding that his ex-wife is also a resid... [MORE]

"My Father's House" in LAMDA audition boook March 22, 2019
Tony Breeze, editor of this site, is pleased to announce that his full-length family drama about a farmer building a many-roomed tree house in 1930s... [MORE]

"Robbie" play chosen by LAMDA student November 17, 2018
"Robbie" a play about family members being reluctant to look after an orphaned disabled child, has been chosen by a student at LAMDA in London to pe... [MORE]

"Heretic" written in U.S., performed in Australia & published in UK September 06, 2018
Richard Zinober is an American lecturer in Drama Studies lving in Minnesota.  His recent four hander one-act play, "Heretic",  revolves ar... [MORE]

Medstead to perform "Appletastic" September 06, 2018
Medstead drama group are going to perform Colin Barrow's new comic thriller "Appletastic" on 23rd & 24th November in their local village hall. ... [MORE]

My Fathers House for LAMDA book ? July 30, 2018
The prestigious London drama academy, LAMDA, regularly put out a book of monologues, duologues, etc for students to learn for drama examinations and... [MORE]

My Best Trifle Dish for Antrim comp April 17, 2018
The Young Farmers Club from Lisnamurrican, Ballymena are hoping for success by performing Colin Barrow's bawdy comedy (including a nude pose) in the... [MORE]

"Sisterhood" for festivals by Sinodun Players, Wallingford March 27, 2018
Natalie Davies is taking "Sisterhood," by Lyn House, which is a small-cast play about two sisters who fell out in the past over the same man,  ... [MORE]

"Spideriffic" success in Scotland January 23, 2018
Bob Mclure from Langholm ADS in Dumfries reports that Lyndon House's comedy "Spideriffic" went down well with audiences and "Will be hard to beat."&... [MORE]

"SPIDERIFFIC" booked by Langholm AO&D for November 2017 May 23, 2017
Langholm Amateur Opera & Dramatic Society in beautiful Dumfries & Galloway are pleased to announce that they will be performing  "SPIDE... [MORE]

"One Without Shame" March 01, 2017
Jim Brockbank's play about a young soldier being forced to join a line of other soldiers to shoot a comrade is being performed by Scott Schofield an... [MORE]

World premier for "Spideriffic" February 08, 2017
Lyndon House's great new comedy "SPIDERIFFIC" is to be performed by Woodlands Drama Group on Friday 12th May 2017 at the Congress theatre, Gwent Squ... [MORE]

Everyone's a playwright! January 17, 2017
Lots of people are convinced that they are playwrights, as witnessed by the number on the website at where there are presentl... [MORE]

Trade Secret No 6 December 10, 2016
Publishers Criterion No 6 Is the play offering something fresh rather than expressing an idea that is past its time?  Does it suggest an orig... [MORE]

Trade Secret No 5 November 14, 2016
Publishers Criterion No 5 Is the main theme clear and well developed through the resolution of the conflict?  Will this theme or “mean... [MORE]

Trade Secret No 4 November 13, 2016
Publishers Criterion No 4 Does the drama move forward from the situation? Goal: the purpose of the characters endeavours to restore balance, attai... [MORE]

Trade Secret No 3 November 12, 2016
Publishers Criterion No 3 Is it a conflict we care about, or can be made to care about? Conflict: a clash between forces, characters or aspects of... [MORE]

Trade Secret No 2 October 10, 2016
Publishers Criterion No 2 Does the heroine/hero of the play face powerful obstacles? Is there a clear antagonist? Obstacle: an object, condi... [MORE]

Trade Secret No 1 October 09, 2016
Publishers Criterion No 1 Is it clear whose story this is and what journey they take over the course of the play?  Do we see his/her problem f... [MORE]

Teme Valley YFC World Premier January 30, 2016
All around Britain Young Farmers Clubs compete against each other in different events and the winners from each area then compete against the winner... [MORE]

"Percy" on Youtube November 13, 2015
Excerpts from Jef Pirie's award-winning comedy "Percy" can now be seen on Youtube by searching for "I'd like to believe in angels." ... [MORE]

"Ticking" done by Youth Group November 08, 2015
Tony Breeze's one-act play, "Ticking" about nuclear survivors living underground and finding a sign that there is still life going on above - an old... [MORE]

What big publishers tell playwrights October 03, 2015
Imagine you've written a play and think its worthy of publication and when you send it to a well-known publisher this is the response you get: "If ... [MORE]

More new plays in top theatres February 04, 2015
BBC arts reporter, Ian Youngs, has done some research and says: The number of new plays  rose between 2009 and 2014, particularly at the best-... [MORE]

Books for playwrights January 10, 2015
Anyone seriously considering trying to write a play or improving their writing would be well advised to beg, borrow or purloin either of the followi... [MORE]

"Examination" staged in Stoke UK January 09, 2015
Tony Breeze's play, "Examination" about the life-threatening stresses caused by having to sit exams, was staged in a one-act competition by Michael ... [MORE]

"Dress Rehearsal" comedy for Newquay January 08, 2015
NEWQUAY DRAMA SOCIETY  performed Charles Stott's brilliant new comedy "Dress Rehearsal" in their summer season at The Lane Theatre, Newquay, ev... [MORE]

Christine Woolf's play sells in Ontario January 04, 2015
Christine Woolf's play, "A Fall of Snow," about a group of Victorian coach travellers trapped in a snow storm in Cornwall is being considered by stu... [MORE]

Crossing the Line considered in Oslo January 03, 2015
"Crossing the Line, " a one-act play about the conflict between two artists by Dr Chris Joby, has been found on our website and is currently being c... [MORE]

"Diaghilev's Bag" for Nidderdale One-Act Festival January 02, 2015
Woodlands Drama Group from Harrogate performed 'Diaghilev's Bag,'  a searing one-act drama by Tony Breeze about a suicide on a trainline, at th... [MORE]

"Wasps" booked for Long Bennington December 17, 2014
Tony Breeze's play "Wasps" which has an all-female cast and shows the first day at work for a young female traffic warden, was performed By Long Ben... [MORE]

World premiere of "Crossing the Line" October 07, 2011
Dr Chris JOBY'S one-act play "Crossing the Line," about a conceptual clash between two abstract artists, was given its first performance on 30th Sep... [MORE]

"Below Stage" world premiere January 29, 2011
Christine Woolf's new comedy "Below Stage" (4f & 4m) about the hilarious goings-on amongst the actors behind the scenes of "Pride & Prejudic... [MORE]

Handheld Readings Idea June 27, 2010
Great thinkers say that each of us should try to leave a mark on life by setting something up for future generations ... well here's my suggestion .... [MORE]

Durham Young Farmers take "Zoo" to next round March 18, 2010
The British Federation of Young Farmers groups have a competition each year to encourage participation  ... one year the subject is musicals, the... [MORE]

Script bought by student in Tasmania June 18, 2009
"Diaghilev's Bag" a searing drama about police officers coping with a suicide on a railway line, by Tony Breeze, was found on our sister site and is... [MORE]

Danny Boy in Gloucester Competition May 10, 2009
Tony Breeze's one act play, "Danny Boy" was performed by the Cotswold Players from Stroud in the Gloucestershire One Act Play Festival in July/Augus... [MORE]

"Robbie" play chosen by LAMDA student
A student currently studying Drama at LAMDA in London has chosen "Robbie" to perform in an internal acting exam. ... [MORE]