One Act Index

"The Accidental Adjudicator"   mistaken identity  8f & 8m  "Bill"   Monolgue for mature female                                       1f
 "Percy" Multi Prize-winning budgie comedy               1m & 1f  "Adelstrop - Again"  girls meet ghostly soldier on train     2f & 1m 
"My Best Trifle Dish" farmhouse comedy                    4f & 4m  "Danny Boy"  Modern Survival Drama                      3f & 3m
"Below Stage"  Theatrical Backstage Comedy             4f & 4m   "Heretic" adult daughter detained by deprogrammers 2f & 2m
 "Revenge of the Shrew"  wife-tamer revisited  5f & 5m  "5T Rules - O.K!"  School Protest Drama  Students & teacher
"The Necklace" two con men versus old lady  2m & 1f
 "Flight Zero One"  Air Crash Survival Drama    7f & 5m
"Therapy" Straying partner seeking redemption  2f & 2m
 "Ticking"  Post Nuclear Survival Drama  6f or 6m or Mixed
" A Freudian Slip"  Psychiatrist & Client Comedy        2f & 1m
  "A Late Coffee"  Love Affair Intrigue                2f & 2m
  "ZooHuman Safari Park Comedy       7f & 6m & juveniles
 "Diaghilev's Bag"  Railway Line Suicide Drama      3m & 1juv
"The Happiness Tree"  Social Problems Comedy  5f & 5f
  "Geraintpsychological drama 1f & 1m
"The Game"  TV Wives in Back Room Comedy                  6f
 "Examination" Exam Pressures Drama    Students & 3f & 2m
"The Hen Night"  Pre-Marital Confessions Comedy                  5f
 "The Story of Peter Grimes"  Seaport Drama   Group Ensemble
"The Door Was Open"  Bob-a-Job Week Comedy      1f & 1juv
 "It Is Christmas After All"  Reflective monologue for         1m
 "For The Birds"  Comic Monologue                                      1m
  "Small Talkan ordinary evening becomes serious   2f & 4m
 "The Bananas WayModelling agency comedy             2f & 2m
 "Far Country"  Modern Prodigal Daughter Drama          8f & 5m
 "Looking After NormanInvisible Cat Comedy       4f & 2m   "Terror" Two women in prison in French Revolution   2f
"All Done By Magic" Juliet looking for her Romeo      2f & 3m
 "The Box"  Homeless Man Drama                                        2m
 "Affairs of State" Female politician intrigue                2f & 2m
 "The Box Room"  Post Sudden-Death Monologue             1m
 "Mirror Image"  Modern art comedy                          3m & 1f
 "Closing The Box"  End of Marriage Drama               1f & 1m
 "One Man's Angels"  Batchelor meets neurotic female    2f & 2m
 "Incident in a Station Buffet"  Man seeking birth mother2f & 3m
 "The Other Incident" Woman anxious about ex-partner 1f & 1m
 "The Star Gazer"  Woman sees Greta Garbo on her bus          1f
 "What Do Eskimos Eat?" Two men meet on station platform 3m
 "Tell Them I Care" Mother signing children into Care 2f
 "Woman in the Park" strange woman on bench 1f&1m
 "Crossing the Line"   Two abstract artists argue   2m & 1f
 "The Medium"  relatives contact deceased dad  3f
 "Amazons in Kenwyn" girls taken to workhouse    4f &1m
 "Ludo"  Desert island comedy about who rules the roost 3 males
 "A Fall of Snow" Cornish travellers on stagecoach     7f &1m
 "The Meeting"  Chaotic Village Hall Committee         4f & 4m
 "A Real Nightmare" Pinteresque play rehearsal   1f & 3m
 "Madam Zelda"  Comic sketch re man visiting Medium  1f & 1m
 "The Falmouth Letters" long-distance-love tragedy 7f&4m
 "The Visitor"  hospitalised woman in pain  1f &1m
 "Princess"   sketch about male & female tramps        1f & 1m
 " A Problem for Zelda" unusual problem for medium    2f
 "No Applause for Maurice"  gay male relationship           3f & 3m
"Madam Zelda Revealed"  medium's real background   1f & 1m    "Left Hand, Right Hand"  Doctor's Surgery Drama   5f & 2m
 "Home Win"  retirement complex comedy          5f & 3m   "The Lie"  husband having an affair   4f
"We Have All The Time In The World"  Retired Ladies     5f  "Sisterhood"  Two warring sisters meet by a riverbank          3f
 "The New Recruit"  theatre group get new member 6f & 4m  "A State of Limbo" wife copes with husbands illness   1f
 "Guess Who's Coming To Tea"  family comedy               4f & 1m   "Red Blooded" a station platform meeting                            2m & 2f
 "When Robots Discovered Sex"   Comedy       2f & 2m voices off
 "The Mystery of Pine Tree Mountain evil on mountain  1f & 2m & 1juv
 "Tea Girl" Tea Packing Workers  comedy                     3f & 1m  "One Without Shame"  Firing Squad Drama                      4m
 "Cathy's KitchenBakery workers comedy                       3f  "Treseder's Seeds"  Historic Female Emigrees Drama       6f
  "Fresco"  Modern Morals Black Comedy                      3f & 3m
 "Heavens Wait"  Three women meet after death             3f & 1m
 "A Lot To Do With Love"  Comatose Husband Comedy  2f & 1m  "The Tiger at The White Lion"  girl teases tiger and dies     4m & 4f + crowd
 "Everybody's At It !" Dessert Works comedy                                  8f & 5m  "The Harsher" evil captured in Highschool   6f & 6m & 3ns
 "Undercoats"  Welsh family from hell  3f & 3m  "Socially Distanced" woman talks to her inner self                      2f