Full Length Comedy


 "Summer School"  by Alan Wade  6f & 3m mature students meet on OU residential ISBN:  978-1-910028-23-0  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
Welcome to 1975 and an Open University Summer school at a campus in the Midlands. Seven mature students (some more mature than others) come together for a week of learning. However, much of that learning does not take place in the classroom. By the end of the play, each of them has confronted their own personal problems or plotted a new course in life, or realised that life will never be quite the same again. 
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"Appletastic"  A comedic mystery play for 6f & 3m by Colin Barrow  ISBN: 978-1-910028-20-9 £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
Rose and Roger Dunstable have bought and modernized a house in which Roger lived as a child to the age of around seven. They engage Miss Percy and  Miss Pilsworth to work on the very neglected large back garden. It soon becomes clear that the sight of an apple tree bearing rosy red apples seems to stir something in Roger's memory, but what? The arrival of their son and daughter-in-law, enthused by family research, takes the story of discovery forward. During the garden renovations a human skeleton is unearthed in the garden. As the story twists and turns giving the audience laughter and intrigue, it contains red herrings to keep them guessing. At the close of the play, all is sensationally revealed with unexpected twists, leaving the Dunstable family in total surprise.
(First preformed by Hotspot Drama Group, Witheridge, Devon.  April 6th - 9th April 2016)
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"The Time of Your Life"  Family inheritance comedy for 5f & 5m  by Peta Calcutt  ISBN: 978-1-910028-17-9  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
It is early 1970s.  Twin sisters (Mathilde and Belle) are on the verge of their 71st birthday when they are due to come into a substantial inheritance from their father. He had neglected to check his will which stated that they would inherit at this age rather than the more usual 21st. Their older brother, Bertie, went to Australia 40 years  ago and as they have never heard from him, have assumed he is dead. However, he suddenly arrives and announces that the entire inheritance is his. The sisters consult their solicitor who says nothing can be done so they decide they will have to bump him off with the help of their friend Kelly. Later they discover Bertie is illegitimate and cannot inherit.  A disappointed Bertie prepares to return home when a telegram arrives telling him they've found gold on the land he farms. Other characters achieve a happy ending in their lives and all ends well with the sisters taking their great-niece on a world tour.
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"Spideriffic" Retirement Home Comedy for 8f & 3m by Lyndon House  ISBN:  978-1-910028-10-0  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
The staff and residents of Greenbriar Retirement Home are excitedly preparing for a visit from the Queen when all kinds of comic chaos follows as Norman the Tarantula escapes - and if that wasn't enough, there's also an international assassin on the loose.
(First performed by Woodland Players in Cwmbran, Wales)
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"The ChairChoral Society Committee Comedy by Chris Joby  4f & 4m  ISBN: 978-1-873130-75-9  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
The committee for the choral society are about to have their first yearly meeting in John's house and John has finally achieved his life's goal - to be elected "The Chair" or President - a position he believes should have been his years ago.  In his mind he will be the best, the most masterful President the society has had and befitting his new-found status, he will control the meetings from his wonderful new acquisition - a Queen Anne chair.  The problem is that the rest of the committee don't have as high an opinion of John as he does himeslf.  Is he the real thing and is his chair the real thing too?  Things begin to become a little discordant ... 
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 "The Eckersley Rising" Henpecked Husband Comedy by Tony Breeze 4f + 4m + 2juvs (doubling) or 8f + 7m (Singly) ISBN 978-1-872758-02-2 £7.00 each   Royalties £50 performance    
Walter Midgley is an inoffensive clerk working in a building firm for an arrogant councillor.  He is put upon by both his boss and his wife until one day he decides to give up work and build a multi-layered chicken shed in his tiny back yard.  Having built the shed he moves his amateur radio gear in alongside his chickens and for a while all goes well.  However one night, for some reason, Walter receives a signal on his aerial that appears to be coming from a planet in outer space.  He sends a copy of the signal to London but locally he is made the laughing stock of the neighbourhood.  Word then comes from London that the signals might actually be genuine but they can't help him at the moment. Only then does he decide to reply himself to the signal by sending up his own home-made rocket powered by the methane gas from his chicken manure! The day comes for the big launch, with all the usual media attention, but the rocket refuses to budge until later that night when all is quiet and his estranged wife is searching for him in the darkness of the rocket.   (First performed by Burton Joyce Players, Nottingham and a subsequent adjudicator's award winner in the Nottinghamshire Play of the Year Competition).
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The Robbie Lee "Story" an office comedy by Colin McBain for 2f & 2m  ISBN: 978-1-910028-06-3  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
Stephen hates his job.  His colleagues aren't much better: Jack has an immature sense of humour, Claire never accepts she's wrong and Pat, his line manager, constantly badgers them to work harder.  Despite several job interviews, Stephen doesn't get anywhere.  He also has fantasies about being a young Hollywood star from Scotland, from doing minor - and embarrassing - made-for-TV movies to being a major player in US dramas, movies and talk shows.  In the end, though, with Pat getting help with her alcohol, Jack becoming more placid and Claire moving to another job, his job maybe isn't so bad.
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"Here We Go Round the Roundabout"  Satnav comedy by Jane Lockyer Willis 4f & 4m ISBN: 978-1-910028-00-1  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
Harry, an aspiring out of work young actor, is very behind with the rent for his bed-sitting room.  Desperate for money, he hatches a plot to persuade his stepfather Alban, a retired bank manager, to come to his rescue. Alban arrives only to discover that Harry's attractive landlady is an old flame of his, a woman who still arouses past passions. When they all meet in Heather’s sitting room, together with Harry's pregnant girl-friend, hilarious complications ensue. A Sat Nav, which refuses to switch off and insists on giving advice, adds to the fun.
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"D.I.Y."  A comedy about reluctant decorator for 6f & 2m  by Joan Greening  ISBN: 978-1-873130-94-0  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
Mags has a forceful cousin called Constance who is due to visit shortly but the front room desperately needs decorating so she acts on the recommendation of her friend and asks Jim O'Flaherty to come and give her a quote for the job.  That seems to be her first mistake because Jim is as wriggly as an eel when customers try to pin him down on what the job will cost and when the job will actually be done.  The day of Constance's visit  grows nearer and nearer and still the decorator hasn't started ...
(First performed by The Pepperpot Players at Upton-upon-Severn on May 30th, 2013)
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"Dress Rehearsal"  Comedy for 4f & 4m By Charles Stott  ISBN: 978-1-873130-89-6  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
An amateur drama group are in the final stages of rehearsing their next play which is a sci-fi story about a trip to the moon.  The props are useless, the sound effects and lighting are wrong and all-in-all it looks like another catastrophe is about to happen!
(Newquay Drama Society  performed "Dress Rehearsal" in their summer season at The Lane Theatre, Newquay, every Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 12th August to 15th October 2014.)

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"Musical Chairs"  Comedy by Peter Bridge for 8f & 3m  ISBN: 978-1-873130-88-9   £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
The Mellow Blossom’s Orchestra for retired people regularly rehearses in the local St Winifred’s Hall, a council-owned property that is let out, not only to the orchestra, but also to four other groups. The orchestra members are advised that their tenancy is under threat due to the severe cuts the council are having to impose, caused by their own reduced revenue. With the group facing impending eviction, they detect a possible solution when, prior to her engagement with the council to turn on the Christmas lights, a famous female superstar arrives at their premises
(NB: actors don't need to be able to play instruments)

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"Stage Fright"  Comedy for 1f & 2m by Lynn Howes  ISBN: 978-1-873130-84-1  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
A savagely funny satire on celebrity and theatre - Stage Fright charts the struggle for supremacy between three actors appearing in a play together; old friends Peter and Charles, and Geraldine, the young and vulnerable actress they have befriended. As opening night approaches, it becomes apparent that Geraldine is not who she appears to be, and the friends must fight to salvage their pride, their identity and their reputations. Recently performed by a well-known professional cast at the Canal Cafe Theatre, Little Venice, London.
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"The Dating Agency"  Comedy by Peter Bridge for 8f & 2m  ISBN: 978-1-873130-82-7  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
Martin is suffering the trials of a long-lasting, stale marriage that is slowly juddering to an acrimonious halt. In order to infuse a spark into his dull, purposeless life, he joins a dating agency. His intention is to test the waters of an alternative lifestyle with a new partner. Problems arise when, in order to conceal his ultra-matrimonial actions from his long-suffering wife, he borrows the identity of his old friend, Bruce. Due to the confused ID and resultant coincidental, unforeseen circumstances, the two men suffer a succession of perils, which lead to the heightened suspicions of each man’s partner. During the confused exchanges, Martin comes to learn of a long-held secret about Bruce… but should he tell his friend of this devastating information?
(First performed by the Desborough Players at Walton on Thames, Surrey)
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" Strange Days"  Teenage Comedy by Steve Pearce   15f &  18m   ISBN 978-1-873130-20-9 £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
The play is the story of an eccentric boy called Kalon Grace. He has a number of peculiarities—there are arguments going on in his head all the time, he has a seemingly irrational fear of dogs but most importantly his entire life is read from a script. Three fragments of Kalon’s psyche jostle to read from it, and hence control his destiny. But which of them will be brave enough to read the final page, and what would happen if someone were to take the script away?
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" Sepia Serenade"  A musical comedy by Tony Breeze  8f & 8m & children & dancers  ISBN 978-1-872758-19-3  £7.00 each  Royalties £50 per performance
The local drama group are about to begin one of their performances when an old granddad appears, with his grandchildren, clutching an old fashioned magic lantern.  He wants to show them some slides of his early life but the group are naturally not interested.  Then a strange thing happens - there's a suspicious power cut so the group is in trouble.  Very coincidentally the old man's magic lantern doesn't need electricity and gives out light so they decide to use his lantern and build a show around it.  Slides are shown of his early life while the group perform stories and songs around them.  The show is a success and everyone is pleased until they learn another interesting fact at the end about how the power cut came about. (First performed by Burton Joyce Players)
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 "Aunt Agatha's Anniversary"  Family Inheritance Comedy by Tony Leonard  4f & 5m ISBN 978-1-873130-76-6  £7.00 each Royalties £50 per performance
Major and Lady Plimp are in debt due to her husband's gambling.  They invite their ailing wealthy aunt, hoping to inherit her fortune one way or another.  Giles Plimp, their son, brings home his stripper girlfriend from the May Ball; among the other guests is an eccentric Indian Doctor, a weird piano tuner, a jealous maid and a ghost, all adding intrigue to the concert party.
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