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A comedic mystery play for 6f & 3m by Colin Barrow
A full-length comedy for 4f & 5m by Tony Leonard ISBN:9781873130766
Full length psychological drama for 1m & 4f ISBN: 9781910028360
A full-length comedy for 6f & 2m by Joan Greening ISBN: 9781873130940
A full-length comedy for 4f & 4m by Charles Stott ISBN: 9781873130896
Full length play for 2m & 3f ISBN: 9781910028377 by Joe Crawczyk
A full length play for 3f & 1m by Tony Breeze ISBN 187275807X
A full-length comedy by Jane Lockyer Willis ISBN: 978-1-910028-001
A full length historical drama for 5f & 3m by Tony Leonard ISBN 9781873130582
A full length play for 2f & 5m & dancers by Jeffrey A.Lee ISBN 9781873130513
A full length play for 2f & 4m by Jeffrey A.Lee ISBN 9781873130520
A full-length comedy for 8f & 3m by Peter Bridge ISBN: 9781873130889
A full length play for 2f & 4m (2nsp) by Tony Breeze ISBN 1872758096
A full length play for 2f & 3m & 3juvs by Tony Breeze ISBN 1872758231
A full length play for 4 men by James Brockbank ISBN 9781873130469
Adaptation of Jane Austen by Wendy Reynolds for 7f & 4m ISBN: 9781873130964
Dramatic adaptation by Wendy Reynolds of Jane Austen novel for 7f & 5m ISBN:9781873130971
A full-length play for 4f & 2m by Peter Bridge ISBN: 9781873130834
A full length play for 5f & 4m by Julia Richdale-Ellis ISBN 1873130120
A full length musical for groups by Tony Breeze ISBN 9781872758193
Full-length comedy for 8f & 3m by Lyndon House ISBN: 978-1-910028-10-0
A full-length comedy for 1f & 2m by Lynn Howes ISBN:9781873130841
A full length comedy for 15f & 18m by Steve Pearce ISBN 1873130201
Full length play by Alan Wade for 6f & 3m ISBN: 978-1-910028-23-0
A full-length play for about a male cleaner 8f & 4m by Peter Bridge ISBN:9781873130
Full-length comedy for 8f & 2m by Peter Bridge ISBN:9781873130827
A full length comedy for 8f & 7m by Tony Breeze ISBN 1872758029
A full-length murder mystery by Peter Bridge for 6f & 3m ISBN: 9781873130988
ISBN: 9781910028353 full-length history drama by Karina Young 8f & 8m
A full length retribution play for 3f & 3m (doubling) by Tony Breeze ISBN 9781872758220
A Full Length Play for group ensemble by Tony Breeze ISBN 187275810X
A full-length play for 10 women & 2 juvs by Tony Breeze ISBN: 978-1-872758-27-5
A full length play for 3f & 4m & dancers by Tony Leonard ISBN 9781873130476
A full length play for 10f & 6m by Ray Gregory ISBN 9781873130445
Full length stage play for 5f & 5m showing police corruption & racial conflict in USA 1951