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"We Have All The Time In The World" Comic sketch by Annette Pakenham-Walsh  5 mature females   ISBN 978-1-873130-45-1  £3.00  Royalties £15 per performance 
A wonderfully amusing insight into life in retirement for mature females as our heroines assemble in the library cafe to discuss what the day holds in store for them
Download first part of "We have All The Time In The World"

"Madam Zelda"  Comic sketch by Charles Stott 1f & 1m  ISBN: 978-1-873130-70-4  £3.00 each Royalties £15 per performance

When Bill goes to visit the all-seeing Madam Zelda he has some questions for those who have "passed over" but he is reluctant at the end to ask a very sensitive one.
Download first part of "Madam Zelda"

"Princess"  Dramatic sketch for 1f & 1m by Charles Stott  ISBN: 978-1-873130-77-3  £3.00each  Royalties £15 per performance
An older male tramp is talking to a younger female one and she feels that he's taking a strange interest in her.  She doesnt know why he's bothered about her but at the end we discover there's a strange reason why.
Download first part of "Princess"

"Madam Zelda Revealed"  Comic sketch for 1f & 1m by Charles Stott  ISBN: 978-1-873130-79-7  £3.00 each  Royalties £15 performance
The next door neighbour comes round and hears knocking noises but he is sceptical about Zelda's powers until she tells him some things that no-one else could know.
Download first part of "Madam Zelda revealed"

"The Visitor"  Comic sketch by Charles Stott 1f & 1m  ISBN: 978-1-873130-69-8  £3.00 each  Royalties £15 per performance
A man is passing by a hospital ward when he hears a women screaming agony so he goes to help her.  Having brought her all kinds of assistance he finds out at the end what she's suffering from.
Download first part of "The Visitor"

"The Medium" Comic sketch for 3f by Charles Stott  ISBN: 978-1-873130-67-4  £3.00 each Royalties £15 per performance
When mum and stepdaughter go to visit the local medium, Madame Zelda, they have some very strange comments from the "dear departed" husband who's been up to no good.
Download first part of "The Medium"

 "A Problem for Zelda"  Comic sketch for 2f by Charles Stott ISBN:  978-1-873130-78-0  £3.00 each  Royalties £15 per performance
People approach mediums with the strangest of queries but when one woman comes to Madam Zelda with a problem, she is able to solve it in a very modern manner.
Download first part of "A Problem for Zelda"